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The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that indoor air is at least five times more contaminated than outdoor air. The biggest reason for this is the accumulation inside the air ducts. Since the ducts run through concealed places such as your attic, roof and sheet rock, rodents find it to be the perfect home. Likewise, the warm and damp area offers the perfect breeding zone for mold, bacteria and fungus. These microorganisms can easily float in the air, and are therefore transmitted into your home, along with the air. These re-circulate within your home, causing the countless problems that you encounter. To know more about how our air duct cleaning in Austin can help prevent these issues in the long run, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

We help identify the trouble areas

With regular duct cleaning and maintenance, you can greatly improve the performance of your HVAC. To achieve this, you need someone who is going to do a complete inspection of the HVAC system for you and we do just that. We recommend that, as responsible homeowners, you must regularly clean your filters and periodically change them.

As a certified company Master provides air duct cleaning in Austin, we provide out-and-out duct cleaning services. This begins with a complete audit of your HVAC system, during which we make a comprehensive and detailed investigation. With years of experience in the air duct cleaning industry, the below-mentioned usually cause a roadblock. Getting rid of these ensures optimum performance of domestic HVACs.

Too much dirt and debris around the unit | Time for Air Duct Cleaning Austin

With all the dust and debris clinging on to the duct, blower, or any other part of your HVAC, its performance is likely to drop. This is why we first and foremost, focus on cleaning up the entire HVAC system for you.

Incompatible duct work

Most people fail to realize how important it is to have a duct of the right size. Unless you ensure that, your machine would have to work harder during the air movement, which may lower its life and increase your energy costs. We help you deal with this by providing you with a thorough analysis during your air duct cleaning in Austin.

Badly maintained HVAC

Your HVAC system is a concealed system that runs through hidden areas, but still, it is a vital part of your everyday life. So, depending on your lifestyle — smoking indoors, pets, level of hygiene, etc… — You must have a customized annual plan. You need to know how many times the filter needs to be changed, or air duct cleaning is to be hired. We help you identify this during your air duct cleaning in Austin. Most people fail to realize the need for this planning and scheduling, until it’s too late. So we take the initiative and tell you what you need to know, even before you ask us.

How we do your air duct cleaning in Austin

According to the schedule, we drop down and commence your vent cleaning in Austin, by covering up the floor and surrounding things, as we remove the grills from the registers. We seal off all the registers so that no dust gets outside. Next, we unseal them, one by one and prevent the dust from scattering all over your place. With the help of an adaptor, we connect our Roto Brush and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to loosen up and trap the dust and debris, in one go.

Next, we wash all the dusty parts of your HVAC system such as the blower, coil, grills etc… and then apply the right sanitizer or biocide. This helps prevent the breeding of harmful pathogens within your air duct. To know more about our air duct cleaning in Austin, you can talk to us, or leave us your number, so that we can reach out to you at the right time.

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According to EPA, an average American spends at least 90 percent of the time indoors, either at home, office, school or college. So, unless the indoor air is clean and hygienic, it isn’t going to do you any good. Therefore, you need reliable air duct cleaning in Austin to deal with this evil. Our vent cleaning in Austin is strategically devised to help homeowners breathe freely and have a clean and hygienic HVAC system. To know more about our air duct cleaning in Austin, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.