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Dryer Vent Cleaning Cypress

Dryer Vent Cleaning Cypress


If you are tired of waiting for your dryer to dry up a load of clothes, then you could be at the risk of a dryer fire. It is recommended that you also verify other indications. Overheating and increase in electricity consumption are two popular ones. It is important you understand your electrical appliances and pay close attention. Our professionals can provide you with dryer inspection and dryer vent cleaning in Cypress. By doing so, you speed up your dryer. To schedule our services, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

Reasons for a slow Dryer

You are probably wondering why your dryer, purchased from a reputed manufacturer, has ceased to function. Most times there is nothing wrong with the machine. Neglecting can ruin the speed and performance of your dryer.  Before you conclude that your machine is inefficient and a new one is needed. Take the time out to read through the below mentioned causes which lead to a slow dryer.

Blockage in the dryer duct

The most common reason for a dryer to slow down is that something is blocking the airway in the dryer’s duct. Although lint is the number one culprit, there could also be other things. Bird’s nest, or other small animal’s that have moved in. Our Cypress’ dryer vent cleaning team can do a quick inspection and tell you exactly what is inside your vent.  As a certified company, we believe in providing you supportive evidence, which corroborates our claim. 

Overloading the dryer

Another simple reason for a dryer to slow down is overloading it with too many clothes. If you aren’t sure of how much load it can take, then it is recommended that you get back to reading the user manual.

Check the lint filter

If you are one of those who hardly cleans up the lint filter and the pest filter, then that could very well be the reason for the slow down. You can try cleaning the lint trap and also the area behind the lint trap. Even if it does, you are at the brink of a serious lint accumulation and must consider hiring our dryer vent cleaning in Cypress, immediately.

Electrical supply

It is strongly recommended that you check the outlet and the overall electrical unit to confirm that you are adhering to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Quite often, installation is either done by the homeowner or an untrained person, and this can cost you dearly.

Dangers that come with a slow dryer

Slow dryers clearly indicate that something is not right with your machine. Unfortunately, the slowdown is also an indication that you could be close to a dryer fire, something that almost every homeowner dreads. Also the longer duration contributes to energy inefficiency, and increases the risk of overheating as the machine runs longer than it is designed to.

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If you are experiencing slow drying, then it is strongly recommended that you get it fixed immediately. Master duct cleaning is a certified company that offers you the best home repair and maintenance solutions including dryer vent cleaning in Cypress.  We provide both emergency as well as regular dryer vent cleaning in Cypress. For further details you can call us on 281 (909) – 4920.