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Dryer vents are extremely susceptible to lint accumulation which can make you a victim of a dryer fire.  This enumerates the significance of regular and timely dryer vent cleaning. In Dallas, dryer fires mostly occur in the month of January and through winter.  This is when you simply cannot keep your dryer on and get involved in something else.  To prevent this, you can talk to one of representatives and we would be glad to help you plan things in the best way possible.  To further discuss your dryer vent cleaning in Dallas, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

Signs that you are a victim of lint accumulation

Usually it’s quite easy to detect that your dryer’s venting is obstructed by a foreign material. Although this could be the nests of small animals or even their waste and remains, more often than not, it is lint.  Since the blockage restricts the air movement inside the venting, the machine feels like a burning hot furnace, and gives out a burnt smell. Also, the poor air movement leads to a gradual decline in the time taken to dry the load. However, there’s nothing that our dryer vent cleaning in Dallas cannot fix.

5 Daily habits to decelerate lint accumulation

You cannot skip regular dryer vent cleaning in Dallas, and there is no alternate to this measure. However, there are some defensive precautions that you can adopt in your day to day life. This is precisely what we are about to discuss, in order to bring down the high rate of indoor fires. Out of 2900 dryer fires that happen every year, the fire department reports that at least 34 percent could have been prevented by hiring regular dryer vent cleaning in Dallas.  Let us now discuss some of the daily habits that you can inculcate in order to bring down the risk of dryer fires.

1. Pay necessary attention to the lint trap

Most people don’t even know that they need to clean the lint trap, every time they do their laundry.  That’s because each time you load your dryer, your clothes let out lint. If it does not find enough space in the lint trap then it moves wherever it possibly can.

2. Avoid drying forbidden material

Whenever you buy a home appliance you need to read through the manufacturer’s instructions and the same applies to your dryer. Often, this restricts you from using certain type of materials in the dryer, such as foam, rubber, plastic etc… It would also be sensible to avoid drying clothes that have absorbed flammable substances like oil, alcohol etc… 

3. Restructure your duct work if necessary

If your dryer is located far away from your exterior wall, then it is more than likely that you have a very long venting done. No dryer vent cleaning expert in Dallas would recommend that. So, in that case, it would only be wise to consider shortening it as much as possible.  Our Dallas’ dryer vent cleaning team would inspect your duct work and provide you with useful advices.

4. Don’t hinder the airflow

Knowingly and unknowingly a lot of people tend to push their dryers towards the wall, crushing the hose. Now this can cause some serious loss of airflow and issues connected with it. Also, venting with a lot of bends can hinder the airflow. So, you need to watch out for such mistakes and avoid them.

5. Use a dehumidifier during winter

Before the winter approaches and the static energy plays foul, you should consider getting yourself a dehumidifier to keep that under control.  In case you do not have a dehumidifier then try drying some of your clothes indoor, on a rack. This should help you fix most of the problems connected with dryer fires, during the winter season.

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Master duct dryer vent cleaning in Dallas is designed to discourage speedy accumulation of lint in your dryer’s duct work. However, as mentioned earlier, it does not make up for professional dryer vent cleaning. To know more about how we help deal with the situation, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.