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Air Duct Cleaning in San-Antonio


No matter how hard you try, your HVAC is going to accumulate contaminants such as dust, bacteria, mold and fungi. There is always going to be some debris around the heat pumps, causing a drop in the HVAC’s efficiency. While you cannot prevent this accumulation in its entirety, you can definitely take certain preventive measures. These can help you to considerably slow down the accumulation of contaminants and make the indoor air safer for you and your family. To know how our air duct cleaning San-Antonio can help you win the battle, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

Track down the contaminants

There is no flaw that our professionals cannot detect in an HVAC system, as they do your air duct cleaning in San Antonio. Whether it’s a hole through which rodents are getting in, or whether it’s something else, we can easily detect it. We do this by using our specialized devices to check the air pressure of your HVAC. Also, we make use of a portable camera to take a look inside the duct.

Masterduct’s air duct cleaning in San-Antonio | The Process

If you thought that we are yet another air cleaning company in San Antonio that walks in and walks out in less than 15 minutes, then you are mistaken. As a certified company involved in air duct cleaning in San Antonio, we do a systematic and detailed air duct cleaning. This involves the below mentioned steps.


We first cover up all the surrounding areas where the dust and contaminants can disperse. Once that is done, we take off the registers and remove the grills, which are then washed with other components of the HVAC. We then temporarily seal off the registers.

Agitation and Reverse Pressure

We then set up our powerful truck-mounted reverse pressure machine, and while it is doing its job, we open one register at a time. We then insert our high-speed Roto-Brush with the appropriate brush head, depending upon the duct size. For the largest duct, which is your supply duct, we use a specialized air blowing tool. With that done, we soon complete the job, and just to be doubly sure that all the contaminants are out of the duct, we use a portable camera and verify the same. Now, this is just a part of our air duct cleaning in San-Antonio. Next, we use eco-friendly chemicals to sanitize your ducts and provide long term relief.

Removing, cleansing and coating the registers, blower and coil

While one part of our team is busy with the duct, another part of our team dismantles all the parts of the HVAC and washes them with the right chemicals. To  provide our clients with the best results,  we hand wash these parts,  dry them up and coat them with sanitizers and other chemicals, and then place them back where they belong.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we take off the covers, and vacuum the entire place for you with our HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Once we are done with that, we pick our tools and get ready to leave.

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Clean indoor air is extremely important for the good health of your family. Therefore, it is essential that you pay enough attention to the issue of bad indoor air and have it fixed to the earliest. If you see mold, you need to act even faster before it floats to other places in your house. To know more about how Masterduct air duct cleaning in San-Antonio can help you with your air duct related problems, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.