Spring Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning Spring

Dryer Vent Cleaning Spring


It is a terrible thing to even read or hear about indoor fires, leave alone the possibility of being a victim of this horrendous tragedy. Masterduct completely understands how you feel about it, especially if you have younger ones at home. As a matter of fact, this issue is so grave that two Agencies — Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) — have been working extremely hard to create awareness about how to prevent indoor fires. Masterduct can help you feel safe indoors by providing you with exceptional dryer duct cleaning in Spring.

It is a shocking that the US is losing out over 100 million US dollars in property. Destroyed due to indoor fires, out of which, at least a third could be avoided. All it would take is a 30 minute dryer vent cleaning session to do that. This is why we urge Texans to set an example by bringing down this menace by completely eradicating this out of our State. As the highest consumer of electricity in the US, we are at a higher risk of succumbing to this peril. To know more about how we can make your home safer, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

Time to worry about your dryer vent cleaning in Spring

According to the U.S Fire Administration’s reports, a large number of the dryer fires occur in the month of January. The report further goes on to state that Winter and Fall are two months that homeowners need to be careful. This is why it is strongly suggested that you get your dryer vent cleaning in Spring done before and after winter.  Below mentioned are some of the indications that your dryer usually gives out.

  • Overheating of the machine
  • Burning smell, especially when you turn down the machine
  • Longer time to dry a load of clothes
  • Strange sounds
  • Energy inefficiency

If you notice one or more of the above mentioned indications, then you need to hurry up with your dryer duct cleaning in Spring, before it’s too late.


Everyday maintenance of your Dryer

This most neglected home appliance can turn out to be bad, if neglected. That’s because your dryer is the second most used home appliance after your HVAC system. So keeping your dryer duct clean is going to be an ongoing chore. Every time you do your laundry, you need to look for lint in the lint trap and get rid of it. Also, ensure that the vent behind the dryer is not crushed against the wall. That could adversely impact the movement of air. In fact, the entire process of dryer vent cleaning revolves around ensuring adequate air movement.

Our dryer vent cleaning process in Spring

Cleaning up your dryer vent can be a daunting task, nonetheless, most people attempt it and realize this only after they have burnt their fingers and learnt it the hard way. If you do not want to be one among them, then don’t waste your time, doing your own dryer vent cleaning. In Spring, our highly trained professionals can clear it all up for you in less than an hour’s time. If you need advice to plan a shorter duct (which is the way to go!) then you can definitely ask for some friendly solutions.

Once we visit your home, we first run the machine and analyze it for evident abnormalities. Next, we unplug it and set up our Y shaped adapter to the duct, and simultaneously insert the Roto Brush and the HEPA filtered professional high power vacuum. So the dust is released by one tool and the other grabs it simultaneously. Therefore, no lint comes out of the dryer duct during our dryer vent cleaning in Spring. Now this is only possible because of the highly skilled professionals that we hire and the pro-level equipment which is over 10 times more powerful than your store bought tools.

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We are a certified company, which focuses on making your home safer for you and your loved ones. You can call us at your convenience and we’ll be there to provide you with quick and efficient dryer duct cleaning in Spring. To know more about our services, or to schedule an appointment, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.