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Dryers are instrumental in making our lives easier, nonetheless, this harmless looking machine is fraught with danger. By the time most people realize how dangerous a harmless looking dryer can be, they find themselves calling 911. Unless you wish to find yourself hapless like these Homeowners, you need to start eliminating lint from your dryer duct. We can help you do this with our exceptional dryer duct cleaning in Tomball. To know more about our services, call us on 281 (909) – 4920.

Dangers associated with Lint

The US Fire Department’s statistics reflect the massive destruction caused by unclean dryer ducts, and unfortunately, lint is the culprit in most cases. Let us now discuss the dangers associated with lint accumulation in the dryer’s duct.

Lint acts as fuel

As you wash your clothes, the fabrics leave behind lint, which is as flammable as or probably even more flammable than the cloth itself, since it comes from different fabrics. So, unless you clean it, all it needs is a spark to result in a dryer fire.

Accumulation on the Lint screen

The problem with dryer ducts is that if you use a lint screen, it accumulates clogs of lint, and if you don’t then birds find it to be the perfect place to nest and breed. So the only solution is to clean the lint screen regularly.

Lint hinders the air movement

The lint stuck inside the dryer duct gets in the way of free air movement, which results in an overheated machine that draws more energy. Also, improper air movement results in slower drying of the load.

Lint in the duct causes inefficiency

Every half an inch of lint accumulation can result in 20 to 25 percent loss of efficiency. This includes abnormal energy consumption and inability to do the basic stuff, normally. This is why you need to get rid of it to the earliest.

Considering the higher probability of lint causing dryer fires, one must give this issue a serious thought. One of the easiest and sure fire ways to get rid of it is by hiring our dryer duct cleaning in Tomball, right away.

Why is our dryer duct cleaning in Tomball your best bet!

Masterduct is a pioneer in innovative dryer vent cleaning in Tomball’s home repair and maintenance industry. Over the years, we have earned the trust and respect of our patrons by providing Tomball, dryer vent cleaning services like never before. We make this possible by hiring the right people to do the right job. So while we do have those licensed to clean the duct from the roof, there are also experts who are authorized to do it from the attic. So, depending on the type of ductwork you have, we would provide you with the best resolution. Now, this makes us stand out because we make sure that we give every client the time and attention, which they rightfully deserve.

With the proper equipment, we clean up the ducts in no time, and also make sure to clean up the hose behind the dryer, the dryer’s screen and also the cap of the dryer. So, practically, we get rid of lint from anywhere and everywhere. To know more about our internal procedures and best practices, get in touch with one of our Experts.

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Masterduct cleaning is the best dryer vent cleaning in Tomball and as we are certified and licensed by the State of Texas, you need not look any further. Our Tomball’s dryer vent cleaning Pros would be pleased to hear from you and provide you with the necessary dryer duct cleaning in Tomball. For further details, just pick up your phone and call us on 281 (909) – 4920.